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After many hours of work this week (be sure to give Agata your sympathies), the pack website is up and running! (and
The website is set up as a “blog,” where people can post information about pack and den events. You (and any other scout parents) are welcome to register for a login. Den and pack leaders will be given permission to make and edit posts, but parents (and scouts) will only be able to leave comments. I’ll be screening all posts & comments before posting to make sure we don’t get anything inappropriate, so it’ll be a day or so before you’ll see your posts on the website.

To set up a login, click “Register” at the bottom right corner Please use a real name so I can figure out who you are!
For help posting comments, click Using this Site at the top of the page.

For den/pack leaders: 


  • When you first register, you won’t initially be able to make posts (only comments). Within a day or so, I’ll change your rights so you can make posts.
  • When making a post, please choose the correct category (your den # or “pack events” so people will be able to find it).
  • Initially, posts will be used as announcements for upcoming events. Once they have passed, however, feel free to change the post into a story about the event. If you email me some photos (preferably 10 or less), I can put one in your post & others in a comment.
  • When posting information about kids, please use first name and last initial, instead of full names, for security reasons (i.e. John D. instead of John Doe)
  • Only I can make additions to the calendar, so email calendar items to me.
  • I would recommend against posting your email address on the website to reduce the amount of spam you receive.
  • If you aren’t so tech-savvy, feel free to email me info from your den & I’ll post it for you until you can figure out the website.

I hope you like pack 96’s first introduction to the Web!
Happy surfing!
-Bob Quinn

P.S. I tried to make the home page load up quickly. If anybody has dialup, please let me know if it’s slow!

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