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Pinewood Derby 2016

Hello to all Pack 96 racers!

The Pinewood Derby is just around the corner and there’s probably some excited scouts wanting to get started on their cars. Read on and see what it’s all about.

TECH NIGHT- Friday, January 29th 7:00 pm St. Catherine’s gym/all purpose room: This will not be a regular pack meeting. All scouts and additional racers must bring their cars to be weighed and measured on the Pack Scales. Bring your car in a shoe box or Tupperware with your name on it. Once the car conforms, it will be logged in and impounded until the time of the race. Please note at the end of the rules it is very important that you do not use any liquid lube, as it will damage the track, and is against our derby rules!

PINEWOOD DERBY RACE DAY – Saturday, January 30th at 9:00 am in the St. Catherine’s gym/all purpose room. Races usually run about 2 hours. There will be light snacks and drinks. Craig from RACE MASTERS returns this year to run and announce the races!!! The entire race is run on Race Masters computerized aluminum track. The results return directly to his laptop and he announces the winners of each race on his sound system. The computer calculates the speed of each car in scale mph. One of the fastest Pack 96 speeds is around 208 mph!

Please do not put numbers on your cars, but bring them to Tech Night. Your car number has been decided by “Race Masters”, the folks that run the races. The numbers have been programmed into their computer software along with the scout’s name. We will put your numbers on the cars at Tech Night. If you have a sibling or parent that is racing, please notify Mike Cioffoletti at If you can’t make Tech Night, we will have an abbreviated car weigh in at 8:30am on Saturday, January 30th before the race.

PARENT/SIBLING RACE: As in years past, anyone that would like to build and race a Pinewood Derby car can also do so. There will be a separate race for all of the non-scout participants.

AWARDS: This year there will be awards handed out for:
The three (3) fastest cars in the Pack,
The fastest car in each rank (Tigers, Wolves, Bears, Webelos I, Webelos II)
Most Original
Most Patriotic
…and of course, Best Cub Scout Theme

Your vote determines the winners in the last three categories. Ballots will be handed out as you enter the gym, make sure you receive one. Look for the voting box to hand in your ballots near the PITSTOP.

We look forward to another great race!

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